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bikes originated in the us about 6 years ago. two years ago, ibrahim partnered with an austrian company. >> in the initial stage it was difficult. we didn't have all the tools, we were using our hands in cutting all the shapes. now we have tools that make the work easier. it used to take a week to build one bike but now it takes 3 to 4 days. they help me a lot. they bought me this jig for about $1500. >> making the steering column is one of the tricky bits. if the drill isn't in exactly the right place, all the hard work is for nothing. the bamboo is stabilized with% resin, which prevents it from splitting or getting damaged by pests. then the actual steering column is put in place and attached to the rear wheel and the parts are secured with a mixture of epoxy resin and fibers. while the glue dries, it's time to pick up the next load of bamboo. first ibrahim has to stop by a store. ibrahim gets his bamboo from this village. a new power supply line has been installed, but for the time being, there's no actual power. the villagers are pinning their hopes for modernization on ibrahim. he'
. that is the same as the vatican. >> only a handful of countries voted against the move, including the u.s. and israel. both threaten to sanction palestinian request. israel today announced the construction of 3000 more settler homes in response. >> many hope it will be for step toward independence and true statehood. >> life remains the same in the palestinian territories, but many say the united nations vote has given them a new outlook. >> it is a beautiful feeling. there's hope that our children will grow up in an independent nation with its own voice, and that is a feeling that is hard to describe it. >> the decision came after a powerful appeal by the palestinian authority president in new york. >> the general assembly is called upon today to issue a birth certificate of the reality of the state of palestine. >> 138 generally assembly -- general assembly members voted in favor of upgrading palestine to the status of nonmember observers say. israel opposed the status change, saying the resolution will not help further the peace process. >> the truth is nothing will change if they cont
is expected early next year. >> our correspondent has been covering the summit for us in brussels. what happens now? there must be real anxiety among those eu countries that rely on this type of funding. >> after the meeting, the council president stressed that there was consensus among all the eu member states that they are working toward a budget of growth, and that is an important message to send to the poorer countries because areas like the agricultural policy seemed to be safe from further cuts. those are areas where especially poorer regions benefit, so that is good news. ahead of the summit, positions seem to be even further apart than they are now -- seemed to be even further apart than they are now. it is coming to a compromise, but the general feeling is one that they are trying to get towards a deal where positions still our part, and that is why they need a second ago. >> what do you leaders think they can achieve at the next summit that they could not achieve at this one? >> now it is time to go home and do some homework -- crunch some numbers, of course, but most importan
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)